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Dome Profile Carbon Fiber Titanium Wedding Band

Dome Profile Carbon Fiber Titanium Wedding Band
Dome Profile Carbon Fiber Titanium Wedding Band
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Item Number: c8D14CF
Price: $255.00
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This is what a wedding ring should look like! Bold, sleek, and utterly attractive, this Dome Profile Carbon Fiber Titanium Wedding Band is a flawless mix of our two favorite materials!

This custom-made titanium ring with carbon fiber inlay features a strong dome profile polished to perfection and offset with the unmistakable (and unstoppable) checker twill pattern of black carbon fiber. Shown here at 8mm wide with a 4mm wide inlay, this titanium and carbon fiber ring is a monochromatic masterpiece that will leave your friends' plain old wedding rings in the dust! Get this new classic today!

Customization Options:
All right (cracking the knuckles), let's get started on your ring! First, go ahead and pick a whole or half size between 4 and 14.

Now, we know that range covers most people, but if you're someone who needs a quarter size or something different, we ask you to hold on, rider. We can do this ring in a variety of custom sizes and will work with you to get what you need. Simply choose the "Custom Size" option then leave us detailed notes in the "Comments" area of our checkout -- you'll see it when you get there. We'll do everything possible to size and make this ring exactly the way you want it!

Oh, and we almost forgot about the width. You can go with the straight-down-the-middle 8mm width shown here, or you can choose a more narrow 7mm width or wider 9mm width! Go with whatever feels right!

Free Stuff:
Chances are if you're still listening to us yammer about the obvious awesomeness of this Carbon Fiber Titanium Wedding Band, then you don't need us to sell you with a bunch of free features, but we still wanted to mention a couple other benefits of your purchase:

Free engraving! Yes, you can personalize your ring at no charge with up to 25 characters inscribed on the inside of the band. Note your engraving choice on this page and we'll put it on the ring -- it's that simple.

Free shipping! Do you live in the domestic United States? Do you have an address? Then congratulations, you get free shipping when you order this ring. Yes, it's ground shipping only, but be patient, grasshopper, and you'll have ring pretty quickly at no extra charge!

It's all about the TCF (titanium carbon fiber)! Get your TCF on when you browse our complete collection of Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings!

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