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Hammered Cobalt Rings

Want to know what "taking it to the next level" looks like? You're looking at it! Welcome to our specialized selection of Hammered Cobalt Rings! These rings are carefully crafted pieces of power that handle unlike any jewelry you've ever experienced. They're custom-built, tasteful, textured, and tough!

If you're ready to experience the true potential of alternative metal jewelry, then we suggest you first check out our classic Hammered Cobalt Ring to set a baseline for the sort of elegant intensity we bring to these designs. Then branch out into the world of unique shapes and styles with monsters like our Square Cobalt Ring with Hammered Finish. And from there, the sky's the limit. Learn more.

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Square Hammered Cobalt chrome Ring
Price: $355.00
Square Cobalt Ring with Hammered Finish
Price: $299.00
Hammered Cobalt Chrome Ring
Price: $299.00
Milled and Hammered Cobalt Chrome Band
Price: $299.00
Hammered Cobalt Chrome with Rounded Edge
Price: $355.00
Hammered Cobalt Chrome with Grooved Edge
Price: $255.00

Hammered Cobalt Rings: The Texture of Unstoppable

The unique look of these rings is brought to you courtesy of a micro-hammer tool that pounds hundreds of divots into the surface of the metal. While each divot is carefully struck with just the right amount of frequency and force, no two ring surfaces will ever be totally the same -- each Hammered Cobalt Ring is absolutely one-of-a-kind!

But what we love best about our Hammered Cobalt Rings is what the designs say about the metal. These rings are literally among the most durable on Earth. Few materials outside of raw diamonds are harder, and almost nothing can scratch 'em. Rather than damage the metal, the divot patterns only enhance it! What else can you bang to hell and back without damaging it?

A note about the finish:
The cobalt chrome alloy in the base of these rings is also among one of the brightest metals in the world, out brilliant-izing er... outshining even super bright metals like platinum. Because of the uneven surface, these rings are naturally bright and cannot carry finishes like matte or satin (such as many of our rings do). We figure it's a fair tradeoff!

These ring are also hypoallergenic, you'll be happy to know, and posses loads of other qualities that set them apart from anything else out there. If you want to see more of what we can do with cobalt, visit our full selection of Cobalt Chrome Rings! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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