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Sandblasted Peak Band

Sandblasted Peak Band
Sandblasted Peak Band
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Item Number: 7PGE
Price: $155.00
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Tired of the same old *bleep* you keep seeing all over the place? Then get this Sandblasted Peak Band and get ready for the difference that will make you the talk of the town!

This uniquely shaped titanium Peak Ring is a style to remember; it features the cool 3D look of the peaked center that slants down to grooved edges on either side. The peak and the center of the ring have a dark sandblasted finish -- you are totally going to dig that rough texture -- but the grooved edges are richly polished to bring out the luster of the titanium!

The contrast in finishes hits that perfect balance between industrial thrash and refined class, so go ahead and rock out with the only Sandblasted Wedding Ring of its kind!

Customization Options:
We do it for our customers, and we do it for you. We love making rings, and we love letting you customize 'em.

We'll handcraft your ring as soon as you select one of our featured whole or half sizes between 4 and 13.5. Most people's fingers fall into that range, but if yours don't, we totally understand. All you've gotta do in that case is select the "Custom Size" option and then tell us about your sizing concerns in the "Comments" part of your order. We'll work from there to get you sizing perfection!

Speaking of, our Sandblasted Peak Band is featured here in the 7mm width, but we also do 6mm, 8mm, and 9mm widths for this design!

And engraving! Commemorate your ring with up to 25 characters of text on the inside of the band! We'll inscribe it for you at no extra charge!

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