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Segmented Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring

Segmented Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring
Segmented Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring
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Item Number: c8f4segcf
Price: $295.00
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Time to take a different of point view... and get a little different with the ultra-modern Segmented Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring! It's the same best materials a ring can have, presented in a way that's unlike anything you've seen before!

Each of these unique titanium carbon fiber rings boasts slightly raised titanium edges shot through with precision-etched notches for a special block-border design. In the center of the ring you'll find four carbon fiber inserts broken up by polished titanium squares. It's a mind-bending mix of textures and contrasts that's going to carry fashion into the future!

Customization Options:
On board for the awesomeness of this brand new look? Excellent! We'll get started on crafting your titanium and carbon fiber ring once you've selected a size between 4 and 14.

Need a quarter size? It's not an issue! Just select the "Custom Size" option then enter your size requirements in the "Comments" area during checkout. We'll review what you need and get back to you!

Shown here in the middle-of-the-road 8mm width, you can also adjust the width of this ring down to 7mm or up to 9mm. The choice is yours!

Free Stuff:
At Shakedown Jewelry, we want to give you the complete package, and that means we don't charge you for anything that we don't have to. Personalized engraving? It's free! Simply enter up to 25 characters of text in the field on this page, and we'll inscribe it on the inner diameter.

Shipping for this ring is free, too -- for ground shipping to any domestic US address!

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