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Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings

What happens when two unstoppable materials meet the latest alternative designs? The Titanium Carbon Fiber Ring Collection at Shakedown Jewelry! Fusing attractive woven inlays with sleek profiles and sidewalls, our Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings are the hottest hybrids to ever storm the showroom! From symmetrical inlays to dual inlays, to combo inlays and even some wicked offset designs, these are the rings that you can take to the streets or take home to mom -- they look great anytime, anywhere!

And when we say everyone digs our Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings, we mean everyone, and there's a ring here just for you. For you guys, we invite you to get edgy with the silken darkness of our classic Black Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring. And for you ladies, tell the fashion world that you're in charge now when you try on a Titanium Carbon Fiber Ring with colorful inlays in pink, blue, or yellow! Read more.

Feeling a tug that says maybe you'd like to go all carbon? No need to apologize. We understand. That's why we put together the most intense collection of 100% pure Carbon Fiber Rings ever!

Titanium Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $295.00
Hybrid Titanium and Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $255.00
Carbon Fiber and Titanium Tension Set Diamond Ring, Black
Price: $800.00
Step Down Titanium Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $255.00
Diamond Titanium Carbon Fiber Wedding Band
Price: $700.00
Titanium Carbon Fiber Ring with Sterling Silver
Price: $499.00
Flat Profile Titanium Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay
Price: $255.00
Split Back Titanium and Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $255.00
Dome Profile Carbon Fiber Titanium Wedding Band
Price: $255.00
Big Bling Titanium and Carbon Fiber Diamond Ring
Price: $875.00
Fine Line Titanium and Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring
Price: $255.00
Beveled Edge Titanium and Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $255.00
Dual Exhaust Titanium and Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $255.00
WideTurn Titanium and Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $255.00
Segmented Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring
Price: $295.00

Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings: The Best of Both Worlds

If you're into cycling or any kind of racing you've probably run into at least one debate about the merits of titanium versus carbon fiber -- carbon fiber devours vibration, titanium is softer and more responsive, and so on. We love both materials and these rings ain't bikes, so we combined the best properties of each to create one of the coolest selections of alternative jewelry you're going to find anywhere, ever!

It's true, carbon fiber and titanium are both lightweight and incredibly strong, but what gets us going is the variety of textures. The edges of our Titanium Carbon Fiber Rings are pure, smooth metal. You can feel the power and the heat of the forge each time you put one on. Tempering that is the interlocking weave of the carbon fiber inlays. You know, a single strand of carbon fiber is only 1/30th the thickness of a human hair, and when you bind those fibers together there's nothing else like it. It's unique, it's different, it's a combination that looks great and can handle a lot of wear and tear. If you think you're ready for designs that are going still be as cool in the 22nd century as they are in the 21st, then it's past time you explored our Titanium Carbon Fiber Ring Collection!

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