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Dual Groove Wide Black Zirconium Ring

Dual Groove Wide Black Zirconium Ring
Dual Groove Wide Black Zirconium Ring
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Item Number: z8d21w
Price: $325.00
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A serious ring for serious fans of alternative metal! This Dual Groove Wide Black Zirconium Wedding Band is the colossus of cool and isn't afraid to turn some heads.

The look of these Black Zirconium Wedding Bands is deceptively simple: dome profile, dual cut grooved lines that frame the center. But combine that with the badass darkness of the polished black zirconium and then throw some extra width into the mix and you have an entirely new look that we can only describe as intimidating charm!

Seriously, your love isn't some kind of frilly here-today-gone-tomorrow nonsense, and neither is your lifestyle. So why do that to your wedding ring? Ditch tradition and make this black zirconium ring your wedding band. It's time to let everyone know that you mean business!

Customization Options:
We'll get started on custom producing this band just for you once you pick a whole or half size between 4 and 13.5.

But before you clench your fists and curse the sky for needing a quarter or non-standard ring size, keep in mind we can do a variety of custom sizes, too. That's why we've got the "Custom Size" option in the drop down list up there. Pick the option, then tell us what's what in the "Comments" area of checkout and we'll go from there. Most of the time we can help!

Now, we love maxing out this ring in the full 8mm width and believe that's how it was meant to be enjoyed, but you can dial back the girth if you prefer and we won't try to stop you -- you can also choose from 5mm, 6mm, or 7mm widths.

Free Stuff:
As if we wouldn't include free engraving on the ultimate Black Zirconium Wedding Band! Enter any engraving you want, up to 25 characters; we'll inscribe it on the inside of the ring at no charge!

Purchase of this band also gets you free ground shipping to any domestic US address!

Embrace the Twilight -- and we don't mean the one with all the teenage vampires. Darkness reigns supreme in the awesome collection of Black Zirconium Rings at Shakedown Jewelry!

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