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WideTrack Tread Ring

WideTrack Tread Ring
WideTrack Tread Ring
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Item Number: 10DCycleSuper1
Price: $250.00
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Here in Detroit we do it extra loud, extra fast, and extra tough, or we don't do it all. And you can see that philosophy in every detail of this extra awesome WideTrack Tread Ring!

This beast is an extra wide ring with an extra helping of no bull. It's built from 100% pure titanium shaped into a dome profile. Precision cuts notched around the surface of the Tread Band create a cycle pattern that is ready and eager to chew up some pavement.

Each of these WideTrack Tread Rings are lightweight for their size and have the unstoppable backbone of titanium construction. Comfortable to wear and hypoallergenic -- kicking ass has never looked or felt so good!

Customization Options:
Get this extra awesome Tread Ring in any standard size between 4 and 14. And while we think this Tread Band looks best 'roided-out in the full 10mm width, you can dial the size back to an 8mm or 9mm width if you prefer.

Free Stuff:
We'd love to just give these rings away, but then Mrs. Shakedown would throw a fit, so we've done the next best thing and made all personalized engraving free! Enter up to 25 characters of text and we'll get it inscribed on the inner diameter. And don't forget, as with all rings over $199, this one includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA!

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